Why Invest in Street Cleaning?

Street cleaning is a broad term which can encompass anything from the removal of graffiti and minor littering, to large scale industrial clean ups of environmental hazards. These issues will not go away if left unattended and it is vital to seek high quality, professional help to control these issues before they get out of hand.

street cleaning

Consequences of Poor Street Cleaning

The repercussions of poor quality street cleaning can range from the minor to the extreme but it always has negative impacts on an area. Clean, well maintained streets and roads are of vital importance to any location for people to work, live and visit.

On top of this, poor standards of street cleansing can lead to blocked drainage which can end up costing thousands of pounds to repair. Traffic hazards can be caused by poorly cleansed roads leading to consequences as severe as injury and even loss of life. Public health can also be affected by the build-up of waste attracting vermin, drastically decreasing the standard of living in the area.

Our Street Cleaning Solutions

Go Plant Fleet Services is a UK leader in offering a huge variety of street cleaning solutions. Our unrivalled fleet of sweepers and refuse collection vehicles can provide you with the perfect solution to keep on top of your street cleaning needs. Whether you are looking for municipal hire or you are a business in need of a large scale clean up, we can help. From our high pressure back to black cleaners and our compact pedestrian sweepers, to our gully emptier/combi units no problem is too big for us and we always provide clients with a tailored solution which is competitively priced.

Contact Go Plant Fleet Services Today for Your Street Cleaning Needs

Whether you are looking to hire a vehicle for a one off occurrence or you are interested in hiring us on a long term contract, we can help you with your street cleaning needs no matter the length of your project. We operate across the UK from our nationwide depots and cater for a variety of clients from supermarkets to heavy industries.

Our customers frequently return to us as we repeatedly deliver a high quality service for a very reasonable price. We also have an excellent support team on stand-by 24/7 to help you with any of your enquiries. If you have any questions about our street cleaning operations, or any of our other services for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact us!