Types of Sweepers

Go Plant Fleet Servicess has a huge fleet of fully operational sweepers to tackle any cleaning project you may have. From 15 tonne high pressure machines for industrial cleaning to pedestrian sweepers to tidy up streets we have an unrivalled range to choose from. We maintain our fleet to the highest standards using the latest servicing technology to ensure peak performance and minimal disruption. In addition, we have 24/7 support available for all vehicles and with strategically built service centres up and down the UK you can be assured of first class support.

Large Sweepers for Hire

We have 7.5 to 15 tonne large sweepers for hire. These mammoth street cleansing machines will make short work of any cleanup task you have and are ideal for large scale highway and runway cleanups. Fitted with all the latest safety gear including beacon warning lights, reverse cameras and reverse alarms to ensure your project runs smoothly and safely. They can also be hired on short or long term contracts and on an operated or self operated basis.

Pedestrian Sweepers for Hire

For smaller scale projects, our pedestrian sweepers are fantastic street cleansing solutions. Versatile, reliable and powerful these sweepers are extremely popular amongst our clients. Offering superb manoeuvrability, they are a great alternative to larger sweepers and perfect for cleaning narrow pavements, walkways and roads. They are equipped with the latest safety technology and are also available on a short or long term basis.

Back to Black Sweepers

For deep street cleansing, nothing beats our Back to Black sweepers for performance and efficiency. They are unsurpassed in deep cleaning for surfaces including asphalt, block paving, concrete and runways looking as good as new. These industrial cleaners can completely remove vegetation from road edges in a single pass or rapidly clean up rubble. The high pressure power of these machines is unrivalled and come highly recommended.

Gully Emptiers/Combi Units

If you need a machine with a huge capacity with high pressure water jetting for gully emptying and liquid water removal then our combi units are the perfect solution. Built to the highest specifications, these are perfectly sized to handle all manner of street cleansing tasks. The vehicles can completely empty drains, gullies and sewers with east and is a very popular choice for municipal vehicle hire.

Refuse Collection Vehicles

Our refuse collection vehicles are ideal solutions for getting rid of large amounts of waste in a short space of time. They are available in many sizes from 7.5 tonne to mammoth 26 tonne versions and are ideal for either trade or domestic waste collection. The refuse collection vehicles include specialist recycling kerbsiders and split compartment bodies. Plus, with 24/7 live supports and recovery you can count on our machines.

Contact us for More Types of Sweepers Information

We are happy to deal with any further enquiries you may have so feel free to contact us about the types of sweepers we provide. Go Plant Fleet Services offers an unbeatable range of street cleansing solutions and have legions of satisfied customers across the UK. We also offer 24 hour support and our mobile fleet are always ready to help wherever you are in the country.