Sweepers for Summer Events from Go Plant

Sweepers are an important piece of equipment in the clean up operations following large gatherings. Summer is the season for events of all kinds. The longer days and warmer weather coupled with public holidays are the catalyst for gatherings and community events. It could be a sporting event, like a marathon or a cycle race, or maybe sports fans will come together to cheer on their team in front of a public big screen. Cultural events like music festivals and carnivals bring communities together in a celebration of summer. On hot sunny days families and friends flock to the seaside swelling the populations of coastal resorts.

Sweepers for Hire Across the United Kingdom

Where there is a gathering of people the inevitable abundance of litter follows. Once the party is over, the clean up begins and this is where hiring sweepers makes the job more efficient. Go Plant has a range of sweepers so that councils and event organisers can get an area returned to its usual state following a big gathering or event. Whether you require a small and agile pedestrian sweeper to manoeuvre around a public park or a town centre pedestrian zone. Or maybe you need to remove a wide variety of dirt and detritus from the highway. In which case you can’t beat the street cleaning power of a Go Plant Large Sweeper, available in 7.5 tonne or 15-18 tonne capacity options. Packed with many operational and safety features, all our sweepers enable maximum cleaning power in the sweep up after a busy calendar of summer events.

Further Information About Go Plant Sweepers

Hiring sweepers on a short term basis is the perfect solution to clearing up after a summer event. For further information about any of our sweepers, please contact us and a member of the Go Plant team will be happy to discuss your requirements and match your requirements.

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