Sweepers & the Environment

Taking care of the environment has never been more important and as the UK’s leading provider of road sweepers and street cleaning vehicles, Go Plant Fleet Services has everything you need to meet the very highest of street cleaning standards.

We understand that it is essential you tackle environmental problems before they get out of control and become public health hazards which can cost a fortune as well as causing permanent damage. For this reason, we take great pride in the efficiency and power of our vehicles. We also complete regular vehicle maintenance to ensure that you can always rely on them.


How Go Plant Fleet Services Can Transform Your Environment…

Go Plant Fleet Services can help you with a huge array of environmental clean up options. In fact, one problem that affects much of the country is refuse collection, especially as more waste is now being produced than ever before. Our refuse collection vehicles can be hired out on a long or short term basis as well as operated or self operated. The machines range from 7.5t to 26t so no matter the scale of your project we can make short work of it. They also have a range of recycling options with multiple compartments for maximum efficiency.

We can also help with sewer and drain emptying or unblocking with our gully emptiers/combi units. These  ultra high pressure street cleaning machines can blast through drainage problems with ease. With an 1800 gallon capacity, even the biggest of blockages can be removed easily. Leaking sewage can cause no end of problems ranging from attracting vermin to infecting public water supplies. The importance of this is hard to overstate due the severity of the consequences. The longer the issue is left unattended, the more money it will end up costing. For this reason, our gully emptiers/combi units are a popular choice for municipal vehicle hire with councils due to their affordability and effectiveness.

Ask Us About Our Sweepers and Refuse Collection Vehicles Today

It is essential to get on top of environmental street cleaning as soon as possible and at Go Plant Fleet Services, we have everything that you could possibly need to stay on top of any issues. All our vehicles are available on long or short term leases and on an operated or a self drive basis. We also offer unrivalled 24/7 support and our mobile fleets are always ready to be deployed from our depots across the UK. If you would to find out more about how we can you help, please do not hesitate to get in touch!