Sweeper Info

Go Plant Fleet Services is a UK leader in all things street cleansing. From road sweeper hire or pedestrian sweeper hire to refuse collection vehicles and municipal vehicle hire we have something for everyone no matter how big or small your project is. Below we have produced a number of guides with detailed information about our street cleansing solutions and more about our fleet of sweepers.

Why Choose Street Cleansing?

We take a look at how street cleansing can help improve an area and improve the safety of your streets. The consequences of poor levels of street cleansing can be extremely dangerous and it is vital to get the process right.

Refuse Collection Vehicles and Recycling

Find out more about our how refuse collection vehicles can help you to provide a comprehensive and dependable recycling service. Our refuse collection vehicles are available for both short and long term hire.

Refuse Collection Vehicles Specifications

Learn more about the individual specifications of our refuse collection vehicles. Our fleet includes RCVs from 7.5t through to 25t options. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

Refuse Collection Vehicles for Local Councils

Refuse collection vehicles are an extremely popular option for local councils providing efficient and high quality solutions for collecting household waste and recycling. We supply a range of refuse collection vehicles to suit your needs and the size of the project.

Operated Municipal Vehicle Hire

Go Plant Fleet Services provide range of municipal vehicle hire services including self drive and operated. Our operated municipal vehicle hire is completed by highly trained operators who hold CSCS cards and Epic Plant Operator Certificates.

Municipal Vehicle Hire & Servicing

We offer an extensive range of operated municipal vehicle hire, servicing and repair options throughout the country. Our team of skilled mechanics can ensure that your municipal vehicles are maintained and repaired to the highest standards.

Sweeper Care

All you need to know about our maintenance and repair services. We have an extensive range of options to keep your sweepers running at peak performance and offer regular servicing. We can also fix and service the majority of third party vehicles as well.

Types of Sweeper

From our mammoth Back to Black cleaning machines to the flexible choice of a pedestrian sweeper we have an amazing fleet to choose from. Whatever your street cleansing needs, Go Plant Fleet Services will be able to help.

Pedestrian Sweepers

Here at Go Plant Fleet Services we stock a wide selection of sweepers for hire from large operated sweepers through to smaller pedestrian sweepers. Pedestrian sweepers are great for areas where space is tight, or hard to navigate.

Sweeper Solutions

You can use our range of road sweepers for a multitude of tasks including everything from motorway and roadside cleaning to refuse collection and high pressure street cleansing projects.

Sweeper Specifications

A full list of what our fleet of road sweepers are capable of. We have high powered street cleansing machines as well as a range of pedestrian sweepers and refuse collection vehicles in various sizes.

Sweepers & the Environment

Go Plant Fleet Services takes a look at how our fleet of cleaning machines can transform the environment around you. From refuse collection and recycling to drain unblocking and gully emptying we can find a solution for you today.

Sweeper Centre Locations

We have an unrivalled level of customer support and technical expertise at each of our seven service centres throughout the UK. GPL offers repair and maintenance services and our mobile fleet is always ready to be deployed should anything go wrong.