Street Cleaning with Gully Emptiers & Road Sweepers

Street cleaning is an important operation during the Autumn to avoid blockages to the drainage system. Leaves, litter and debris can build up quickly. Go Plant  have a range of short and long term hire solutions with a range of vehicles and equipment to clear rubbish and avoid damage and disruption due to flood risk.
When warm temperatures from the continent extend to the UK, there is often a period of storms which follow. The usual weather patterns return to cause excessive bursts of rainfall which can cause flash flooding and surface water. To avoid the associated problems and disruption caused by this, gully emptiers and road sweepers can be deployed for street cleaning.

Autumn Street Cleaning from Go Plant

Gully Emptiers and Combi Units are versatile, high specification vehicles with the capability to extract liquid and debris from drains. They use a powerful vacuum and with an 1800 gallon tank capacity, it makes light work of removing excess water and blockages. They can also be used to undertake high pressure water jetting tasks. The self-aligning 100 metre reel gives outstanding access.

Road sweepers are a vital part of the clear up following a flash flood situation. Once the excess water has subsided, dirt and debris can be spread onto the highway. This is unsafe for road users, so you need a vehicle which can clear up efficiently. Go Plant can supply large road sweeper hire for road use and smaller pedestrian sweepers to clear pavements and pedestrian areas. These are useful when street cleaning in areas with restricted access.

Choose Go Plant for Street Cleaning Vehicles

When it comes to street cleaning vehicles, Go Plant are the number one choice for operated hire, short term hire or long term hire. We also offer 24/7 support to help keep you on schedule.To find the solution for you, please contact us today!

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