Have you got a spill response procedure in place in case there is a oil or other liquid spill on your carriageways? An effective response plan can mitigate against excessive time spent on repairs and slow carriageway re-openings.

Effective Spill Management

What does and effective spill management response procedure look like? The simple process below can help you to manage the majority of spills effectively:


Assess the situation

The first question to ask is do you know what substance or substances are involved in the spill and if there are hazardous materials or hazardous waste involved you will need personal protective equipment (PPE)


Assess the source of the spill

Next up is where is the spill coming from – can you get to the source and stop the source’s flow safely? This usually involves turning off taps, plugging leaks or rolling chemical drums over and if done safely can prevent further issues and save on the cleaning side of things too!


Cleaning The Spill

The tough part. Hopefully if you’ve managed to assess the source of the spill and stop its flow this part is a lot easier than at first glance. If the spill is chemical it may need to be neutralised which a hazardous waste disposal company can help with and they can be found on the government directory here. After the hazardous waste has been disposed of the contaminated carriageway area will need to be fully cleaned correctly to avoid any non-bonding issues when relaying the road surface.


Go Plant Fleet Services Back to Black sweepers are the ultimate deep cleaning machine designed and built for both emergency and non-emergency spill response. Whether dealing with oil spills, chemical spills, other liquids or hazardous materials, our beam sweepers will bring whatever surface Back to Black and ready for the road surface to be relaid.

Go Plant Fleet Services can even integrate into your emergency plan by responding at a moment’s notice. Whatever size of spill you have our standard and specialist beam sweepers can help you to cut time spent on carriageway repairs and get roads reopened faster! Get in touch today to find out more call us or email us

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