Road Sweepers in the North West

With UK wide coverage and service stations across the UK, Go Plant Fleet Services has you covered for road sweepers in the North West. With the largest and most advanced fleet of road sweepers you can always rely on Go Plant Fleet Services to get the job done. Hiring road sweepers in the North West couldn’t be easier and we offer fantastic value for money. We also have 24/7 live support so no matter what time of day it is you can be assured we’ll be here to help. Go Plant Fleet Services always has a mobile repair team ready to deployed if you hit any snags to ensure your project runs smoothly and your road sweepers are performing at their best.

Why Choose Go Plant Fleet Services for Road Sweepers in the North West?

We supply our sweepers for all manner of projects on every scale. Our refuse collection vehicles come in a range of sizes from 7.5 to 26 tonnes and feature specially designed recycling compartments so you can process your waste in an environmentally friendly way. They are a popular choice for both municipal vehicle hire as well as for private businesses needing regular refuse collection. In addition, we have a range of incredibly powerful street cleansing vehicles known as Back to Black road sweepers. These behemoths make short work of getting rid of industrial waste and all manner of debris from road building projects. We also offer smaller, but no less efficient, pedestrian sweepers that can get your streets looking as good as new again.

road sweepers in the north west

Talk to us Today for Road Sweepers in the North West

Whatever your street cleansing needs, Go Plant Fleet Services will help find the perfect solution for you. Our vehicles are available to hire on a long or short term basis and can also be scheduled to be used on a regular date. You can also get a driver with any of our road sweepers or they can be hired to be self operated. If you have any further queries then feel free to get in touch with our road sweepers team today for more information or to discuss your project in more detail.