Road Sweepers for Cheshire Streets and Parks

Do you need to hire road sweepers in Cheshire? Go Plant supply road sweepers for Cheshire streets, construction sites, business, retail, or industrial parks. In fact, wherever you are located our depot in Ellesmere Port is the perfect location to serve the villages towns and cities of the county. Whether you are part of a local authority or the private sector, Go Plant has a hiring solution for road sweepers for Cheshire.

Clean Streets with Road Sweepers for Cheshire

Keeping the streets free of leaves and other types of litter during the blustery Autumn weather is easy thanks to Go Plant. Perhaps you have more heavy duty requirements like clearing dirt and debris left behind from a construction or industrial project. Either way, there is a road sweeper hire for Cheshire locations from us.

Large Road Sweepers – ranging between 7.5 tonnes to 15 tonnes, large road sweepers are ideal for covering motorways and major road networks and large scale projects associated with civil engineering and construction. Keeping a site clear is an important part of maintaining health and safety and productivity.

Pedestrian Sweepers – designed for pedestrian zones and walkways, these nimble machines can manoeuvre into areas that would be impossible for the large road sweepers. Perfect for keeping business and retail parks clean, a pedestrian sweeper will maintain locations with a high footfall.

Back to Black Sweepers – Using high pressure spray, this type of road sweeper has unique specifications to bring a surface back to its original state. Truck mounted with the capability to remove vegetation and deep clean asphalt, concrete and paving.

Go Plant Provide Road Sweepers for Cheshire

Go Plant are the market leader for hiring road sweepers for Cheshire and the North West. We have  a state of the art fleet available on long term or short term hire. You can also choose to hire with an operator or as a self drive. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us today.

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