Road Sweeper Hire Newcastle upon Tyne

Road sweepers are an integral element of your road maintenance service, providing the effective clearing of debris on the road to make it safer, cleaner and easier to maintain over a long period of time. At Go Plant Fleet Services, we operate our road sweeper hire in Newcastle upon Tyne and all other areas in the country through our nine strategically placed depots.

To give you an idea of our scope, we collect 11,500 tonnes of litter in just seven days – our fleet is spread nationwide, working to keep roads and pedestrian areas clean and safe to use. We’ve been providing this service for over 40 years, so you can be reassured with the knowledge that we have plenty of experience in road sweeper hire.

Choose Quality for Road Sweeper Hire in Newcastle upon Tyne

Our selection of operated hire and self drive vehicles is vast and includes pedestrian sweepers, large sweepers, refuse collection vehicles and gully emptiers, street cleansing vehicles and recycling vehicles. We’re dedicated to providing you with a road sweeper hire service which is tailored to the needs of your organisation. Over our time in business we’ve realised the importance of building long lasting relationships with our customers, and offer exceptional customer service and versatility regarding your project.

Road Sweeper Hire in Newcastle upon Tyne

Every project is different and we’re incredibly flexible in terms of contract lengths. If your project or purpose is ongoing our long terms road sweeper hire can be used to provide a dependable and efficient road sweeper service. Alternatively, our short term sweeper hire is suited to one off or short term projects. Take advantage of our wide selection of road sweeper hire in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Road Sweeper Hire for All Business Sizes:

We supply our road sweeper hire to both local authorities and private sector markets and have a wide breadth of experience working on a range of project scales.

If you require road sweeper hire in Newcastle upon Tyne then please get in touch with our team. We can advise you on the best suited road sweepers for your requirements and provide you with a quote for our services.