Refuse Collection Vehicles: Making a Greener UK

The UK is always looking to improve its efficiency towards recycling and the way through which we dispose of our rubbish. Businesses and local authorities cannot escape their duty towards being eco-friendly! This is why at Go Plant Fleet Services, we provide an extensive range of refuse collection vehicles for hire across the UK. Our fleet of refuse collection vehicles are fitted with the latest equipment to ensure that you are able to remove waste efficiently and easily and with hire packages which can be tailored to your exact requirements, taking the first steps towards creating a greener and less polluted space has never been so easy!

Reasons for Choosing our Refuse Collection Vehicles

Below we’ve outlined a few concerns that are cause a problem for the UK, and how our refuse collection vehicles can help solve this problem:

  • Increased waste due to factors such as population increase and change in consumer trends means that landfill sites are filling up quicker than ever before. As a result, greenhouse gases produced in these sites are also on the rise too. The good news is that with our refuse collection vehicles, businesses and local authorities can easily separate different waste types, making the recycling process much more efficient and beneficial in the long run.
  • Refuse collection vehicles take the waste to a local site where its is separated and sorted into re-usable and non re-usable.  Recyclable materials go through the necessary steps to be reused and put back into use.

Discover more about our Refuse Collection Vehicles

Our refuse collection vehicles have helped business owners, governments and domestic estates to effectively dispose of their unwanted waste all over the UK. Our vehicles range in size dependant on the job at hand and the space they need to operate in. To find out more about our eco-vehicles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team right away. They will be more than happy to discuss hire packages, vehicle specifications, in addition to answering any underlying questions that you might have.

So, rest assured, by choosing Go Plant Fleet Services for your refuse collection vehicles, you’ll be choosing a specialist vehicle hire company with over 40 years’ experience and a reputation for delivering a quality service, with professional and high standards.

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