Refuse Collection Vehicles for Hire from Go Plant

High quality refuse collection vehicles make the job of collecting and moving waste from UK homes and businesses a safe and efficient task. Whether you require a truck to transport domestic or trade waste, Go Plant Fleet Services are the market leaders due to their range of vehicles and hire options.

The smaller 7.5 tonne refuse collection vehicles are agile and perfect for navigating narrow streets and alleyways behind apartments, shops, and offices in busy city centres. Where there are areas with restricted access and tight manoeuvring, this is truck to get the job done. With on board weighing capabilities you will never be overloaded, and it comes with all the safety systems like reverse alarms and cameras to keep operatives and the public safe.

If you require refuse collection vehicles with a larger capacity, then we can accommodate with 15-26 tonne options. The low entry cab and air conditioning provide comfort for operatives, while the option of narrow chassis enables passage along narrow or double parked streets. Fitted with either split or trade bin lifts these are highly adaptive vehicles.

Refuse Collection Vehicles


The Importance of Refuse Collection Vehicles

The UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs produced a 2016 report stating that the United Kingdom generated 202.8 million tonnes of waste in total during 2014. Over half of this was from construction, demolition, and excavation. 13.7% of this was from households and with local authorities around the country under pressure to remove and process our waste to meet targets. Having reliable, high specification refuse collection vehicles is a vital part of this process.

Arrange Your Refuse Collection Vehicle Hire with Go Plant

Go Plant provide refuse collection vehicles for contract and short term hire. We have the solution for public and private sector organisations looking to deliver an efficient and cost effective refuse collection service. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements further.

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