Street Washers

Street Washers

With a wide range of uses from pavements and pedestrian walkways, to public parks and airports, our street cleaning washers are small and compact enough to offer deep cleaning even in the most confined of spaces.

We only work with the very best manufacturers to design a vehicle perfectly suited to meet your street cleaning needs, and which offer the highest performance combined with the latest high-tech equipment.

With a low noise level and manufactured to respect the environments within which they work, our range of street washers simultaneously wet, soap, scrub, recover and recycle the waste collected, offering an unrivalled standard of cleanliness.

Street Washers Specification

  • Non-aggressive to the environment
  • Adapted to any type of floor or surface
  • Fully sprung for improved ride quality, and GVW rating of 4500kg
  • Between 1230mm and 2100mm sweeping widths, and in-cab joystick control
  • 500 litre fresh water capacity with hydraulic LP pump
  • 5050mm vehicle length, 1250mm width (over cab)
  • 5 independently-floating brushes with hydraulic motors which ensure all remain in contact with the ground on uneven surfaces (two brushes of which are width adjustable)
  • 1600mm nozzle for easier suction of larger waste items such as drink cans and packaging
  • Up to 50kph (30mph)