Compact / Pedestrian Sweepers

Compact / Pedestrian Sweepers – Short Term

Our versatile compact/ pedestrian sweepers are available for short term rental.

Our compact/ pedestrian sweepers are small and easy to manoeuvre, making them well suited for pedestrian areas or confined spaces. These sweepers are part of our high specification short term rental fleet and are available UK wide. Their low and evenly spread weight means they can be used directly on pavements and slabbed surfaces. All of our short term rental vehicles are regularly maintained and supported by 24/7 fleet support. Available models include Johnston CX200, Scarab Minor and Schmidt Swingo.

Compact / Pedestrian Sweepers – Short Term Specification

  • Dual sweep
  • Reverse camera
  • Worklights
  • Reverse cameras
  • Air conditioning
  • Hydrant kit
  • Leaf flap
  • Wash lamps
  • Beacon and warning lighting sytem
  • High-pressure spray/lance system