Back to Black Beam Sweepers

Back to Black Beam Sweepers

Go Plant Fleet Services’s Back to Black sweepers are the ultimate deep cleaning machine, with high-pressure water systems and high spec configuration able to remove ingrained staining and debris from any hard surface. It specialises in reconditioning surfaces to near new condition, for example: airport runways, new roads and heavily soiled surfaces.

These high specification vehicles also trim, plough, and sweep away any overgrown vegetation on roads and highways in one single pass – leaving the roads as clear as the day they were laid.

High Pressure System

Front mounted jetting system with a 3600 pneumatic pivot and fan jets
Nearside and offside spray bars with fan jets, enabling close kerb work during street cleansing
Full-width suction box with a full pressure spray bar, and rotating jets for an even deeper clean on all types of hard surfaces
High-pressure equipment providing approximately 300 bar / 400psi, including a hose reel attachment for hard to reach or difficult areas

Back to Black Beam Sweepers Specification

  • Dual sweep system, providing approximately 4metres of coverage (equivalent to an entire lane on a motorway)
  • Hopper 12m3 volume
  • Detergent system for spillage
  • Nearside and offside sweeper gears hydraulically slide (400mm with centre brush)