Precinct Sweepers

Looking for precinct sweepers? Here at Go Plant Fleet Services we offer a wide range of precinct sweepers for all contract and project sizes. Precinct sweepers are incredibly versatile, offering high manoeuvrability with their lightweight body along with incredible sweeping functions. Because of their small size they are often used in areas that are restricted, for example shopping centres and office complexes, where the small chassis of precinct sweepers comes in to their own. They are also preferable in areas where there is high footfall, as only minimal disruption need occur when the precinct sweepers clean these areas.

precinct sweepers

Go Plant Fleet Services – Leading Suppliers of Precinct Sweepers

Our precinct sweepers are available with both short and long term hire options, and we can tailor our hire packages to suit your needs. We have depots which span the entire country and these enables us to service an extensive range of locations. Our depots supply both self drive and operated precinct sweepers. Our operated precinct sweepers are operated by our skilled teams who hold CSCS cards and Epic Plant Operator certificates as standard, to ensure that they are used safely.

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Our team at Go Plant Fleet Services can give you a tailor made quote for your precinct sweepers hire, so get in touch! Go Plant Fleet Services are the industry leader in supplying precinct sweepers and this has seen us provide our equipment at a variety of high profile events and for large clients, who return time and time again. For the highest quality precinct sweepers, come to Go Plant Fleet Services!