Pedestrian Sweepers for the Urban Areas

Pedestrian Sweepers (or Precinct Sweepers) are the agilest and most versatile sweepers within our huge fleet at Go Plant Fleet Services. Our pedestrian sweepers have been accredited to numerous cleaning projects across the UK. Town centres, cities, car parks, walkways and events have all benefited from our superior cleaning vehicles. There are larger sweepers within our range but when your project requires tight manoeuvrability or limited space to work in, nothing comes close to a precinct sweeper. For urban street cleaning look no further than Go Plant Fleet Services.

Pedestrian Sweepers with the Latest Cleaning Equipment

Just because pedestrian sweepers are our smallest vehicle, it does not mean they are any less powerful than our bigger vehicles. Equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and high-pressure washers, you’ll achieve a high standard of clean that gets deep within the cracks of pathways, making light work of waste and debris. Other notable features include dual sweep, work lights, beacon/ warning lights, air-conditioned cab, and reversing cameras.

Our pedestrian sweepers are available for either a long or short term hire package, as well as with either a self-driven or operated driver. Regardless of the package you choose, you’ll have access to qualified and experienced staff who are only a phone call away from answering any questions you might have. The fully equipped and latest range of compact sweepers from Go Plant Fleet Services, as well as bespoke hire packages, deliver the safest, best quality and most comprehensive clean in the UK.

Speak to our Team for Pedestrian Sweepers

Speak to a member of the Go Plant Fleet Services team for full details about any of our hire packages or pedestrian sweepers. Our team operate out of strategically placed depots, ensuring you speak to real people that are close to you. This way our team are familiar with the areas you’re in providing reliable and relevant help.

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