Pedestrian Sweepers: Big Cleaning in a Small Vehicle

Pedestrian sweepers are our most compact street cleaning vehicles which are perfect for cleaning tight areas and busy public spaces. The size of the vehicle does not mean that they are any less efficient though. In fact, their compact size and lightweight build, means that they are the superior cleaning tool for maintaining areas where manoeuvrability is essential. As we provide our services to all corners of the UK, our pedestrian sweepers are a common sight in many city centres, towns, and public areas and they’re also used regularly for pre and post event clean ups for events such as race days and festivals.

Versatile Pedestrian Sweepers

When a large sweeper just won’t do the job, our pedestrian sweepers are on hand to fill in. This may be where the area is just not suitable for a larger vehicle to pass through or where the surface is uneven. Maintained to the highest possible standards and featuring the latest specs, our pedestrian sweepers are especially suited to cleaning pedestrian areas such as paths and walkways, car parks, high streets, small roads and public parks. The small vehicles are unimposing in these areas, meaning the pubic stays safe and their day is not interrupted.

Safety is always a concern when we hire out our pedestrian sweepers, that extends to both the operator and those in the general area. To ensure that your vehicle is running to its maximum efficiency, our team of expert engineers carry out regular maintenance and service checks on all vehicles. From our strategically placed depots, you’ll have access to 24/7 live support from real people who know our vehicles inside and out.

Pedestrian Sweepers for Long or Short-Term Hire

For more information about our hire packages for pedestrian sweepers or to keep up to date with the latest news, please get in touch with one of our team today. Our road sweeping services extend to all four corners of the UK, and we relish the challenge of any cleaning project. Throughout our 40 years, we’ve helped numerous clients from varied backgrounds to complete a range of cleaning jobs, and we look forward to adding you to that list of satisfied customers.

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