Keep Your Streets Clean and Safe with Go Plant Road Sweepers!

Keeping streets clean and safe for public use is an important job all year long. To deliver regular street cleaning to a high standard, it is important to have access to vehicles which deliver a reliable service consistently. Here a Go Plant, we offer a fleet of high quality road sweepers which are equipped to easily cater to all your needs, whether you’re clearing leaves, debris or simply maintaining public parks! From pedestrian sweepers to gully empties, we guarantee that we have the road sweeper for you! Our road sweepers are available for long and short term hire across the UK and with various depots nationwide, you will never be far from our dedicated and highly trained team who are on hand 24/7 to support you!

The Best Road Sweeper Solution For You

Whatever your needs, our sweepers always prove an excellent choice! We provide road sweepers which are ideal for both large and small projects for both public and private sector organisations.
Currently our range of road sweepers available for hire or purchase includes:

  • The back to black sweeper: These sweepers offer an amazing deep street clean and are designed to make old worn out surfaces look brand new! This road sweeper is designed more specifically for construction street cleansing, industrial street cleaning and so much more, they will also trim, plough and sweep away vegetation that has overgrown on road edges.
  • Pedestrian Sweepers: our pedestrian road sweepers are multi-functional vehicles and are more versatile than some of our other models. This smaller, lighter truck works in a range of small, confined spaces and has replaced the traditional large road sweeper due to their renowned functionality.
  • Large Sweeper Hire: Our collection of trucks includes vehicles ranging from 7.5T to 15T and is designed to handle a range of jobs. All of our large road sweepers are maintained to the highest standard are operated only by our professional drivers.

Contact Go-Plant for Road Sweepers

Our vehicles are designed to work at only the highest of standards to ensure that we can deliver the best possible service to you. Why not give us a call for more information on our road sweepers and to see how we can help you to achieve amazing results.

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