Go Plant Training Centre Opens its Doors

Following a busy few months, we are delighted to announce that we have been successfully registered as an NVQ assessment centre, under the name of Go Plant Training Centre.

Congratulations to our Health & Safety team, who have put a lot of hard work into this over the past few months.

Adam Wilson, Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager for the company commented “It’s been a long process, but it’s great to get some recognition after all the team’s hard work.” Compliance and quality is at the core of the organisation, who are currently rolling out FORS to their network of service centres.

This comes after the statement from the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) last year, that white CSCS cards would no longer be issued, instead being replaced by a blue ‘skilled worker card’. Most sites insist that a CSCS card or equivalent is held by the visiting contractor to be allowed on site. However, there is no de-facto qualification for road sweeping, which has meant that the industry has had to find an answer for those without CSCS cards.

Adam explained “We wanted to be proactive, leveraging the extensive experience and skills we have in house. This was a great opportunity for us to lead by example and work towards being our own training centre; with our reputation in the road sweeping market, it was an obvious choice to make.”

This now enables us to extend the Cskills Awards L2 NVQ Certificate in Plant Operations (Construction) – Sweeping, Cleaning, Clearing (to give it’s full name) to all our drivers, setting the standard for the industry.

The NVQ takes approximately one month to complete, although this depends on the progress of the driver against the assessment criteria. It comprises of three units covering; preparing and operating plant, health & safety and productive working practices.

The assessment starts with an induction at the service centre. Then they are assessed on live sites performing real duties, to exhibit their practical skills. In order to judge this the assessor asks questions on specific elements of the role that covers the three units. Adam continued “We have also implemented the use of body cameras as a best practice measure, as they’re quicker and give a truer reflection of the assessment than a conventional Q&A session.”

Adam said “We initially explored the market for a solution to the CSCS card issue, but the options were limited in terms of experience in the practical aspect of road sweeping. In many cases we found our operators were more experienced than the external provider, so it made sense to take advantage of our experience and develop our own solution.”

He continued “After deciding to make the investment in the Go Plant Training Centre, we had to agree who had the relevant skills to be able to effectively assess the drivers. Lee Perry was the perfect candidate, with 11 years’ service, having started as a driver and worked his way up through the business in various different roles.” Lee covers the North of the country and joins Paul Jones, another long-serving employee, who is responsible for the South. Together with Ruth Bryant, the Internal Verifier (IV) and Melville Hubbard, Trainee Assessor, they will form the core team members of the training centre.

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