Go Plant Launches Driver Scheme to Tackle Shortage

With the Freight Transport Association (FTA) announcing a ‘Driver Crisis’ at its summit recently, Go Plant has launched an innovative trial to overcome the national shortage of qualified and experienced HGV drivers.

As one of the country’s leading providers of operated and self-drive road sweepers, Go Plant has recruited two car licence holders at its East Midlands site who will each complete a fully-funded HGV Class 2 qualification through the company.

Area Manager for the East Midlands, Rob Brookes, said: “With increased sales here at Go Plant, we needed more drivers to meet our customer demand. However, when we came to recruit new staff, the shortage of qualified drivers became quickly apparent and we decided to take matters into our own hands.

“The cost of training remains one of the top barriers to getting started in the industry, so we recruited a small team of car licence holders as yard men and delivery staff on the condition that they would sign-up to an 18 month employment agreement on completing their fully-funded HGV Class 2 licence through us.”

One of the most fundamental problems that the freight and logistics industry has to overcome is its lack of visibility to wider society – people, particularly younger people, simply do not know it exists. In some businesses within the industry, over 80 per cent of drivers are over the age of 50, and with a lack of fresh talent, the sector desperately needs more drivers to not only meet current demand, but to replace the existing workforce as they approach retirement.

“By funding and overseeing the HGV training in-house, we can ensure that we develop a high-calibre team of drivers to help us meet the ever-changing needs of our valued customers,” continued Rob. “We’re committed to the ongoing development of all our staff and are delighted with the enthusiasm our new trainee drivers have shown.”

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