In the event of a major industrial spill on your carriage/roadways a quick and efficient response is key to mitigating the fallout and delays in road re-opening. Oil and chemical spills not only damage the carriageway but also require a special response to ensure roads can be re-laid and traffic build-ups are minimised. Our five step plan will help you to assess and react to an emergency spillage in the most efficient way to cut delays and problems with non-bonding issues as well.


Your Go Plant Emergency Spill Response Plan

  1. Using personal protective equipment (PPE) where needed  to assess the source of the spillage and whether you are able to stop the flow safely.
  2. If you are able to do so, stop the flow of the spill – this usually involves turning off taps, plugging leaks or rolling drums over.
  3. Call our 24 hour national support team on 0333 321 4877
  4. Provide us details on where the spill is located, what the spilled material is and the volume of spillage.
  5. Our professional team will be able to identify your exact requirements and accurately determine which vehicle and response team is most suitable to provide the best emergency response service to you.
  6. We will assess the scene and use our beam sweepers to clear liquids and other materials from the carriageway, bringing your surface ‘Back To Black’ and as clean as the day it was laid!


Our spill response service primarily uses our ‘Back To Black’ beam sweepers which are the ultimate deep cleaning machine designed and built for both emergency and non-emergency spill response. Whether dealing with oil spills, chemical spills or other liquids and hazardous materials, our beam sweepers will bring whatever surface Back to Black!

If you need help with an emergency spill give us a call 24 hours a day on 0333 321 4877

Some of our services:

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