Contract Hire for the Public Sector

With a history stretching back 42 years, Go Plant Fleet Services understands that the public sector, and local authorities in particular, are facing increasing challenges.

Planning the capability to respond to rising public expectations amid growing financial pressures prompts frequent reviews of core and non-core activity.

The need to improve efficiency while maintaining standards is an issue facing almost every local authority in the UK.

And when it comes to the delivery of front-line services, and the vehicles that support them, it’s a challenge that requires new thinking.


Helping you to get the most from your fleet and adapt to changing operational needs

Working with more than 10% of councils in the UK, Go Plant Fleet Services provides a model that works in partnership with our customers to achieve innovative funding and maintenance solutions – delivering safe and compliant fleets that achieve cost savings while raising standards.

Our contract hire funding packages for LCVs, LGVs, Refuse Collection Vehicles and other specialist vehicles provide a solution that e/product-categories/refuse-collection-vehicles-contract-hire/nables councils to make the best use of the funding available – locking in competitive long-term interest rates.

As one of the largest providers of specialist vehicles in the UK, Go Plant Fleet Services has unrivalled buying power – a fact that’s reflected in market-leading contract hire rentals.

Contract Hire funding is, of course, just one aspect of running a public sector fleet. Equally important are the effective management and maintenance of the fleet.

See below for more information about our public sector maintenance and workshop management solutions.

Additional solutions to support your fleet

Also available to councils are our sale and leaseback solution, rental solutions (see below) and our outsourced model.

Outsourced fleet management – an alternative to the status quo

An outsourced model provides day-to-day management and maintenance of the fleet. It ensures the right specialist vehicles are available when needed, that the service is flexible, safe and fully compliant and that it’s supported by the most environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles offered on a longer-term contract hire or short-term rental basis.

Typically, fleet costs can be one of the biggest areas of expenditure for a council. At Go Plant Fleet Services, we utilise 40-plus years’ experience and knowledge of specialist vehicle funding and fleet management to identify where cost savings can be made and where best practice is not being followed.

We’re able to quickly deploy a team of highly-trained staff to mobilise the contract and ensure our best practice of managing workshop facilities is quickly transferred to our customers.

We offer the buying power of well-developed relationships with our strategic supply chain and long-standing experience of setting up and managing vehicle maintenance facilities.

For more information about our vehicles and services, please contact a member of our dedicated team today.