Compact Cleaning with Pedestrian Sweepers

Our pedestrian sweepers offer compact street cleaning – working best in tight spaces and bustling public areas. Their compact size and lightweight build make them the perfect tool for cleaning where the space to maneuver in is limited. Whilst they’re smaller in size, they still remain one of the most efficient sweepers in our fleet.

At Go Plant Fleet Services, our pedestrian sweepers are often spotted across many municipalities and they’re also used regularly to lead the cleaning after events like festivals and parades.

Multi area Pedestrian Sweepers

Our pedestrian sweepers are suited to cleaning areas such as paths, walkways, car parks, high streets, small roads and public parks. As their size is smaller than other sweepers that we offer for hire, they are able to complete their responsibilities without interrupting the public’s day-to-day or risking their safety.

We believe the safety of both the operator and those in the general area is incredibly important, and because of this we regularly perform maintenance and service checks and improve our vehicles to ensure they’re running at their maximum efficiency. They also host the latest technology, meaning you’re truly using a leading sweeper in the industry.

Our pedestrian sweepers are kitted with a number of things to ensure the safety of others, such as a beacon and warning light system, and work lights. They are also kitted with a number of instruments to make the cleaning process much easier, such as a leaf flap, hydrant kit, high pressure wash system and dual sweep specifications.

Contact us for more on Pedestrian Sweepers

For more information about our pedestrian sweepers, or how you can utilise our 40 year experience in the industry, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We relish the challenge of any cleaning project, and are confident we can surpass your needs and requirements.


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