Clean up your City with Precinct Sweepers

Precinct sweepers are some of our smallest vehicles available from Go Plant, and are an integral element of road maintenance. Their small body and lower weight means that they offer superior manoeuvrability and are handy for harder to reach areas. This makes them perfectly suited for use in cities as roads can be hard to navigate due to cars, pedestrians and a general lack of space.


precinct sweepers

Precinct Sweepers for Pedestrian Areas:

Their low evenly spread weight means that they are perfectly suited for use directly on pavements and slabbed surfaces. This means that precinct sweepers are incredibly versatile and can be used as both road sweepers and to maintain pedestrian areas and walkways. Precinct sweepers are often used in areas where there are pedestrians, because they are less imposing in confined, city spaces than larger sweepers. The proximity to pedestrians also means that safety is paramount. Our precinct sweepers are fitted with dual sweeper and reverse cameras, beacon and warning light systems. This ensures that they can be operated in the safest way possible throughout the hire period. In addition to this, all of our precinct sweepers are maintained to the highest levels so that they operate at their optimum level.

Precinct Sweepers Hire Options:

Our precinct sweepers are available for both short and long term hire options, to ensure that you can find a solution which meets your exact needs. We work with many local authorities and businesses around the country, providing pedestrian sweeper solutions which are tailored to the needs of the organisation. If you would like to find out more about our precinct sweepers then please get in touch with a member of our team.

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