Could You Benefit from Self Drive Sweeper Hire?

When should I be using Self Drive Sweeper Hire?

Self drive sweepers are useful after a large-scale construction project, or can be used as a refuse collection vehicle to help with waste management, or after a large scale event such as a music festival or street party.

Why use Go-Plant for Self Drive Sweeper Hire?

Go-Plant are an industry leader in fleet hire and supplying road sweepers around the UK, and have previously worked at many summer festivals such as the Manchester Parade and the Notting Hill carnival. We also work with many local authorities throughout the UK, along with private organisations and businesses. We‘ve built our reputation in our sector by consistently providing excellence, and often see previous customers returning to us.

The good news is you can hire our self drive sweepers for your event, or whatever the needs are for your business. Here at Go-Plant we can tailor our service to meet with your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on our customer service and support, and can always help you decide which of our self drive sweepers you require.

What types of sweeper can I hire?

There are two kinds of large self-drive sweepers you can hire at Go-Plant: the 7.5t and the 15t model. These both come with features such as dual sweep cameras, left-hand steering, a high pressure spray lance, a reverse alarm and air conditioning. These models are at their optimum level of performance when they are out for hire are regularly serviced by our experienced engineers.

What happens if I have a breakdown?

Though the likelihood of this is small, we offer 24/7 live support, along with a mobile repair fleet ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice to wherever you are in the UK. Get in touch to find out your options with Go Plant Self Drive Sweepers.

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