Agile Cleaning with Pedestrian Sweepers

Pedestrian sweepers provide the most agile surface cleaning solution from Go Plant. With more town and city centres having been made into pedestrian zones, out of town retail parks having vast areas of walkways, and new public spaces like parks being encouraged within urban planning. The pedestrian sweeper is now a vital tool to maintain high standards of cleanliness in municipal areas. It is the vehicle of choice to get into the spaces that the big HGV road sweepers can’t.

What Makes Pedestrian Sweepers Effective

Pedestrian sweepers from Go Plant have high cleaning capabilities. This is achieved through a dual sweep system to catch as much detritus as possible. The wash system is equipped with a high pressure spray lance for extra cleaning power.

Air conditioning inside the cab comes as standard to ensure operators are comfortable while working. Work lights and wash lamps improve visibility if you are using the pedestrian sweepers at night or in shaded areas of low visibility. Safety is paramount with a reverse camera assisting drivers and a beacon and warning light system alerting anyone in the area to be aware.
Pedestrian sweepers are balanced machines, utilising a small chassis enables a tight turning circle and unrivalled agility within areas containing obstacles like kerbs, seating, signs, sculptures or raised flower beds.

Choose Go Plant for Pedestrian Sweepers

Go Plant can provide pedestrian sweepers from our national network of depots; wherever you require them we can get them to you. We offer a variety of options including self drive or operated hire options, in both long and short term contracts so you’re sure to find a pedestrian sweeper solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.
If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact us today. We are happy to help you.

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